Micheline Van Hautem - Madame

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This was the second album released by the fabulous Belgian chanteuse Micheline Van Hautem and Mich en Scène!

Here is how Micheline describes the album....

"Madame is an ode to the women that have inspired me. Ever since I was a young girl I tried to figure out what I could learn through those songs about love, longing and passion: Edith Piaf, Etta James, Jane Birkin, Brenda Lee, Ella Fitzgerald... they are all present on this CD, whether they wrote the song, made it immortal or were the inspiration of the interpretation. There's also a few originals in which we again honor these women: the singer, the mother, the young girl... On 'Madame' I sing in English, French, Dutch and even one song in South African."


1. Les Remparts De Varsovie
2. Came Back Home
3. Mademoiselle Chante Le Blues
4. Padam
5. Mijn Kleine Valentijn
6. Someone Else
7. City Of Diamonds
8. La Foule
9. Moenie Weggaan Nie
10. Ja Vstrjetil Vas / La Valse A Margaux
11. The Sea
12. If You Love Me, Really Love Me

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