Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Best Of (NTSC All Zones)

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This DVD is a collection of the finest of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra taken from concerts in several different countries.


1. Petronella
2. Whistling Rufus
3. Miss Fanny Poer
4. The Runt Of The Litter
5. The Rosebud Of Allanvale
6. Polkas
7. The SFO Folk Symphony
8. Sandy's Reel
9. The Heroes Of Longhope
10. Battle Tunes Of The Pipes
11. Circassion Circle
12. The Flowers Of Portencross
13. Irish Fantasia
14. The Dashing White Sergeant
15. Prince Of The Mists
16. The Eightsome Reel
17. Caddam Wood

Plus Special Bonus Tracks - A History Of The Orchestra

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